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The Alchemy of Dating: Fun Is The New Chaste

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By Juliann Collins.

I was talking to a girlfriend about dating recently and she said, “I need to get my dating groove back.”
I understand what she was talking about. Theoretically, dating can be exhausting, boring and even traumatic for someone who truly desires a partnership.
Because of the exhaustive light that shadows dating these days, many have come to see dating as more of a chore then an assist to the pure pleasure of being alive.
It has become a show, a play for power—which is actually disempowering to your agenda—and somewhat inauthentic. I know this isn’t the case for all people, but well… A good few of the peeps I know feel this way.
My response to her desire to get back on the dating horse was this, “Just be yourself. If you don’t believe in your enoughness, then you cannot expect someone else to.”
It seems that our societal conditioning has interrupted what should be a simple interview for possible partnership. We erroneously have come to believe that we have to be something else in order to get what we desire. And we have to do it quickly.

4 tips to make dating fun. ‘Cause fun is the new chaste…

1. Slow down… 

Somehow, in the busyness of our current era, we have become so dried up in the intimacy department that we find ourselves rushing to refuel our tanks. In this rush, we are missing the intimate moments of now.
Slow down enough to enjoy the intimacy right under your nose. This slowing also helps to calm the ever-ticking clock of a woman’s hormones.
“This now is it. This. Your deepest need and desire is satisfied by the moment’s energy here in your hand.” ~ Rumi
Slowing down and learning to enjoy your now also helps you to avoid the mistake of settling for someone who will not support your continued joy in the future. Dating is not a matter of running into the store to grab a pair of hose (assuming your other hose got a run) because you are late for the opera.
This is about matching yourself with a partner who will not run. If you are busy running from one bad dating experience to the next, you will attract more of exactly what you are putting out… running.
2. Don’t save yourself for the One… 

I’ve heard so many women, including myself at some mistaken point in time say, “I am not going to date or sleep with anyone because I want to make room in my life for the One.”
Don’t kid yourself. The One is not going to be attracted to your desperate need to get loved and get laid. The meantime is just as valuable a time as the day you get married. Enjoy it! 
Yes, you can leave a space open in your heart for the man of your dreams, but for goodness sake, don’t leave a space for him in your bed just yet. In fact, I propose that by loving the one you are with you have a better chance of attracting the one that you want.
3. Dating is [surprisingly] not personal.

Dating is a transaction. We forget that this is an exploration, it’s alchemy. Sometimes, the ingredients compliment each other—like really good wine and Chinese food—and sometimes they don’t—like chocolate and orange juice.
When someone doesn’t call you again, this is a gift!
We live in a really busy world, be grateful that the person that never called you again actually saved you the time of trying to make a round peg fit into a triangular hole.
4. You are enough. Love who you are.

If you want love, be love. It sounds so simple, but it’s really going against the grain of every thing that is drilled into us by society. We have confused our desire to fit in with our desire to be loved. They are so very different.
Your enoughness is superseded by the blasting elements of advertising that tell us that we need more into order to be more. The truth is… enough is enough. It’s a simple mathematical equation. Who you are is ALL that you need.
Everything that you add to that is an accoutrement, but it doesn’t add to your enoughness. And frankly, if you want a truly healthy partnership, your partner won’t be factored into your enoughness equation either.

So if you really really want to find a partner, you really really need to know, understand and embody your inherent enoughness.



JuliannJuliann Collins, when asked what she does for work, will often respond with, “I reflect the light in others.” She is a massage therapist, counselor and yoga instructor.  After 18-years as a body worker, she is more in love with her work and her life then ever. She says, “There is something amazing that happens to a woman in her 40s. There is a maturing that throws [most] all societal concerns out the window and simply demands that one LIVE.” This allows her to dive even deeper into the heart of the matter wether that matter be of the mind, the body or the spirit. 

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