Sunday, March 3, 2013

Liquid Latex Only For The Advanced Freak In Your Life

Liquid latex is a unique way to make your own sexy lingerie as well as sexy club wear. Use liquid latex that is painted on to makes a sexy bra or sexy panties. How about a pair of skin tight boy shorts or a skimpy little crop top? The colors are many and the sexy clothing you can make for her or him to wear will drive your lover wild!
Liquid latex is basically liquid rubber that is applied to her body with a paint brush or even a roller. The results of a session with liquid latex can be visually stunning and physically arousing. If you have tried it then now is the time to pick up a sponge paint brush and paint on a pair of latex panties>.

A few words of caution about using liquid latex before you get started so you can enjoy the effect and don't have any surprises. Liquid latex comes in a variety of sizes from a small bottle that strippers use on their nipples to cover the nipples and have a dollop of color on their chests. Larger containers are available for bigger projects so you may need to buy a couple of 16 ounce tubs for a complete job. Don't expect to be an artist the first time so ask your girl to get naked and let's get started. The same technique can be used for men but remember that latex will remove hair follicles when it is removed so either shave the intended area first or the removal of the latex will be painful and you will not have any hair left on the area painted. I learned this the hard way as my girlfriend painted my pubic area without thinking. After the latex dried and we memorialized the outfit in pictures the fun of peeling the latex off approached. That is when I learned the hard way that the pubic hair was coming off with the latex-completely. The next time we used the latex we made sure all areas were hair free.
You can make anything in liquid latex from bras, to panties, skirts to bodysuits and anything else you can imagine. You can use multiple colors, designs and styles to suit your needs. Start off by sketching your design and begin painting. The liquid latex is much like thick paint and the surface will dry quickly so you do need to work quickly. Be sure and cover any fabric surfaces before painting. I suggest you start with a small design and later on you can work on more complex designs. A bra and pantie were our first design and it was simple with a steady hand to paint a covering that resembled a bra on my breasts including bra straps. You may want to outline the garment on her breasts first to begin with before moving to free hand. Have a warm wet cloth available to fix any mistakes.
The pantie was even more fun as the thong we made was very realistic, particularly from a distance. We started with the color red and although it looks pink in the container once it dried it was a true red. Once the first coat dries then you can go back and even out the latex for a more complete finish. This second and even a third coat will make you think you are wearing clothing as it can become quite thick although not bulky. Remember the fun part is still to come. Be safe and stay medium gorgeous! 

Here's a song that will get you in the mood without the acid! 

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