Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dance As A Natural Aphrodisiac

There are many different natural, and chemical aphrodisiacs we can use to increase our libido levels. From pills with bizarre side affects, to chocolate, thousands of things can get us excited. But there is still nothing quite like using an aphrodisiac to bring to pleasure to ourselves.
baile afrodisiaco
One clear example of a natural aphrodisiac is dance. There few things in this world more beautiful than dancing to the rhythm of the music – whether it is to a slow, romantic melody, or fast and furious rock. Dancing unlocks changes within our bodies which are directly linked to sexual excitement and pleasure. Which is why the more wedance, the more turned on we become.
At the University of Frankfurt, a researcher concluded that tango dancers have higher levels of the testosterone hormone, and less cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress. Which makes dance a natural aphrodisiac.
The results of the investigation were published in the magazine “Music and Medicine” and although they were only in reference to tango, they can easily be applied to any kind of dance and music. The reason why dance functions as an aphrodisiac is simple: the music inside of us acts as a kind of tranquilliser, reducing levels of cortisolin the blood stream, whilst the movement, and friction of the body as it dances heightens the sex hormones, creating higher levels of excitement. Let's be real, it's not easy to shake off the winter blues and just get up and dance. But being open to it and reading about it, will open your mind just a little bit more to the possibility.....
Here is some music to get you in the dance mood...something to get you moving and feeling sexy! for me every time!

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