Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nude Yoga Video

After you watch this you will know there's a God

Sara Jean Underwood Playboy’s Yoga Full Video

I was among several who broke the news on the existence of “Playboy Yoga” a few years back—I swear, I just read elephant for the yoga.

And I’m personally of the opinion that this is fine if it gets folks beyond lust—the videos aren’t that sexy—and back to thinking about yoga. Likely, this video will attract folks who normally don’t belong to the “yoga demographic”—and I’m good with that. But there are serious concerns, too—touched on in my original blog, “Now we’ve seen everything.*”
But we’ve never shared the nude version. Until now.
A few years after the controversy’s died down, I think we’re ready. Or, not. Either way, here ’tis. It’s just a naked body—and, yet, it’s
…the ultimate challenge to those “Yobo” fans who say that Yoga for Weight Loss, Disco Yoga, Bikram, Adidas Yoga with (my friend) Rainbeau Mars and Yoga without all that annoying Granola, Chanting or Sanskrit may not be “traditional yoga” (a moving target in and of itself)…but nevertheless may help open the door to those who might not ordinarily be interested in pure yoga, true yoga, quality yoga.
…Yup, there’s a new url in town:

Just the url itself is enough to provoke convulsions, grimaces, grins, vomiting and/or ogling. Beauty—or otherwise—is in the eye of the beholder.
This is provocative stuff—it raises some tough questions about the Future of Yoga (addressed by elephant, yogadork, itsallyogababy, joellhahn and, in comments, by our readers in the links above).
In any case, as the Buddhists say, it’s our obstacles or enemies that are our best friends, provoking self-examination, questioning and growing pains.

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