Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole lotta love

Pasties – A whole lotta history.

Hello lovelies,
Following the fab reception that our ‘History of the Garter’ blog got, we decided to get on with part two of our ‘Whole Lotta History’ series, and this time we’re talking Pasties. So pop on your most studious face and let us begin.
Where did it all begin?
Pasties began, as a lot of fabulous things do, as a crafty necessity.
After the emergence of follies entertainment, burlesque became more and more popular. Society ladies kept it prim and proper and covered themselves from top to toe, so the thought of seeing scantily clad beauties in make-up and barely-there costumes was a tantalising options for young men and women. Fair play I hear you think…..

However, as always, there were some critics who got their knickers in a right royal twist about this new form of entertainment and who thought that these ‘dancing ladies’ would drag the whole world into ill repute. Laws were passed and clubs closed down. But where there’s a will, there’s a lawyer and a loophole…and that loophole was pastie shaped.

Sticking it to the Man
Pasties emerged in the 1920′s in burlesque, follies and striptease acts as a way of avoiding the strict rules, frequent raids and severe penalties that were handed out to any performer found to be flouting the puritanical rules of the time . Performers used them as a way to avoid the prosecution if you were found to be performing topless. By covering the nipples with these ornate pieces, performers could claim that they were actually clothed and therefore avoid getting hauled before a judge!

And now…
Pasties became synonymous with the burlesque scene and soon became a recognised component of the tease routine. Shape, style and the addition of tassels has made this tiny piece of fabric a massive part of the dancers costume. Over the years they have made their home in the burlesque scene as well as moving off the stage and into pop culture.
Here a just a few of our fave pastie moments:
From Miss Von Teese with the most impossibly perfect boobs I’ve ever seen…

To Rhianna, giving it some rock n’ roll star quality…

Or perhaps the Gaga doing exactly what Gaga does best…

The pastie can be playful, rock n’ roll, teasing or girly and from its beginnings as a crafty arrest-averter, the pastie is now a firm favourite from lingerie lovers to daring dancers…oh and with us too! xxx

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